The Department of the Navy is supporting Navy small businesses by implementing Navy small business programs plans. A Navy small business programs plan helps guide Navy small businesses by outlining basic small business plan details and necessary Navy business programs. The small business programs plan is an executable, try strategic business plan that sets the milestones, goals and desired outcomes of a Navy small business. Small businesses need this kind of organizational management program to thrive. Navy small businesses, military owned businesses, veteran owned businesses and service disabled veteran owned businesses are important to our society and Navy small business programs plans are essential to keeping those businesses strong and thriving.

In order to build a successful and executable Navy small business programs plan, you need to identify your business’s objectives, both short-term and long-term. After designating those goals, decide how you will approach achieving them. What’s your game plan in terms of managing your time or your employees, and what training do you need to implement in order to succeed in your plan? These are the kinds of questions you need to be able to answer in your business programs plan.

Remember that organization is key to running a successful small business. The margin for error is small, but by creating and adhering to a Navy small business programs plan, you can ensure the best possible result.

Navy veterans looking to start or expand a small business may need to seek the financial and logistical advice of Navy small business specialists. There are many minute details that are necessary for a small business to thrive, abortion and Navy small business specialists are available to make sure those details are tended to.  Navy small business specialists help with Navy small business logistics, see providing small business guidance and advice on small business solutions. The Veteran and Military Business Owners Association (VAMBOA) was formed to assist small business owners, and combine the efforts of many to build a solid voice for all military and navy small business owners. VAMBOA works to provide assistance for small businesses to contract and connect Navy small business owners with other military small business owners and veteran small business owners. VAMBOA members gain access to numerous small business discounts, information and advice, as well as have the opportunity to help their businesses thrive. Established with many Navy small business specialists as part of the organization, VAMBOA bridges the gap between veteran and military business owner and small business specialists. Visit the site below to learn about the small business specialists in your state.

PDF Navy Small Business Specialists

You have honorably served our nation. VAMBOA is here to serve you and be your voice.

VAMBOA in an effort to Unite Veteran and Military Business Owners For Collaboration, health Connections and Contracts, malady is pleased to provide a contracting resource for our members, stomach the Army Small Business Specialists Directory.  This directory is a valuable tool for any Veteran Business, SDVOB and Military Business that wants to work with the Army.   Vamboa users will find the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of important contacts.  These contacts for veteran business owners, SDVOB and Military Business Owners include:

  • Command Associate Directors
  • AMC Subordinate Small Business Offices
  • ACC Mission Installation Contraction Command (MICC)
  • ACC Other
  • ACE Division Offices
  • ACE District Offices

PDF Army Small Business Specialists Directory 06/21/2010

PDF Army Small Business Specialists Directory 07/17/2012

You have honorably served our nation. VAMBOA is here to serve you and be your voice.


VAMBOA offers a multitude of resources that Veteran Business Owners, SDVOB and Military Business Owners can take advantage of to promote their businesses.  Additionally, order we connect our members with companies and organizations and provide a common place to collaborate and build a foundation that is strong, reliable and supportive.  A large portion of this foundation is supported by corporate sponsorship for veteran business owners.  We work with top corporations that value diversity suppliers and want to use your services and products.  VAMBOA relies on corporate sponsorship to promote Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOB), Veteran Owned Business and Military Owned Businesses as well as the many programs and services we provide to our community.

You have honorably served our nation.  VAMBOA is here to serve you and be your voice.

Some of the many resources for members of VAMBOA include:

  • Introductions to Top Corporations that Embrace Veterans & Supplier Diversity
  • Strategic Alliances with Top Government Agencies and the Private Sector
  • Member to Member Exchanges, Referrals and Discounts
  • Potential Partners for Joint Ventures
  • Franchise Opportunity Discounts
  • Mentors From Top Corporations
  • Training & Certification
  • Conferences & Webinars
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • More…..

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